Construction Report Manager

Manage your construction field from office

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Amazing Features

Features which ultimately save your time, paperwork and travel

Daily Tasks

Forget your papers - the single ZAAR App does it! Features permit you to easily allocate tasks no matter where you are

Daily Tasks

Cloud Storage

Reliable, Efficient and Cost-Effective Storage, easy access to your data even when you are not in the field

Cloud Storage

Daily Report

Track your Project - Allows for consistent productivity evaluation

Daily Report
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Manage Plan

Manage Plan

Revisions simplified - We understand that drawings are at the foundation of your projects

Labor Reports

Labor Reports

Smart scheduling, tracking and reporting to support productivity

Project Statistics

Project Statistics

Graphing and visuals can enhance reporting - Flexible and customized reporting options allow impressive tracking and sharing

Why Our app is best?

Innovative, comprehensive and interactive platform eliminates pen and paper, enhances accuracy and provides professional results. More options allow access to information in real time.

Reliable and Secure Platform

Secure online portal managed and preserved by professional technicians. ZAAR always stands for trustworthy.

Perfectly organized

Streamline procedures and seamlessly linked work flows support your business from field to the office. Your complete construction management is flawlessly systematized.

Easily manage your construction fields

Virtual view of your projects in real time. Easily control construction projects from any location.

Customizable features and easy to use

Customizable features allow each client to accomplish their goals. User friendly technology makes it easy.

Real time activity monitor

Real time interactive data input, access and alerts allow rapid execution, adoption and ROI.

Modules that empower your business

Manage Labor Controller Manage Labor Controller Manage Suppliers Manage Suppliers Manage Daily Task Manage Daily Task Manage Daily Reports Manage Daily Reports Manage Plan Drawing Manage Plan Drawing Project Statistical Report Project Statistical Report

Easy Way to Connect
Office and Field

The app offers you the virtual view of your project anywhere anytime. What an advantage!
The mobile application allows your crew to document and input project data in the field. It permits teams to connect enhancing productivity through information sharing.
Better teamwork, reduced rework, enhanced profitability!


Try our application for free, you feel the difference in productivity.