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Our goal is to enable you to work most efficiently. The system reduces the time and effort necessary for post-processing data and the comprehensive connectivity of the database supports a quick implementation, both of which encourages timely project completion.


Real Time Update

The power of mobility gives you the real time update of your project. With a live, comprehensive view of your project, you’ll have a complete handle on each of your teams, from the job site to corporate headquarters, and their progress track within the job as a whole. Android Application provides all of your team members with simultaneous access to the project information that they require to do their work, through real time updates and prompt tracking.


Mobile Friendly

Our user-friendly technology enables users to manage business procedures on-the-go, even allowing you to generate your professional daily reports from the job site. Team members on the field can easily navigate the app on their smart phone, alerting project stake-holders whenever a task status is updated in real-time. The ease of task management will improve the efficiency of your team and support them in adhering to the project timeline.


Manage Projects

ZAAR encourages your team to stay connected, even when projects keep them physically remote. When your team stays connected on project task status, there are fewer errors and conflicts resulting from miscommunication. Your team will avoid costly project delays through efficient and timely project management.


Business Growth

ZAAR Construction Report Application decreases cost to you as it increases your company’s efficiency and productivity. By minimizing the time required for post-processing field data, enhancing communication and collaboration with real time status information, and by increasing your freedom and flexibility in managing business procedures, you will have the project management solution you need to best streamline your workflow and encourage business growth



With the help our unlimited user experience, all of your team members can be stake-holders in the project. Real time updates from the every project member encourages an atmosphere or collaboration and investment, which will positively impact your projects. Starting from the request, then following task assignment to completion, your team will stay in touch with each other and accountable to their responsibility within the project.


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