ZAAR is the world’s one-of-a kind construction app for all the field teams. Our construction report manager app connects with your field team and assigns actionable project tasks. It allows stake-holders to identify what each team member is doing, sends reminders of tasks, and updates task status. It allows for both a big-picture overview and a comprehensive, detailed view of every project, without needing to be on site. We stand to be the top mobile cloud application software for the industry, leading a revolution in communication with our user-friendly and efficient project management software.

Our Construction Management App allows you to create custom automated work flows which enables your team to provide real-time status of assigned tasks, so that your stake-holders are aware of project progress. Instantaneous access to your data and project status allows for faster decision making, which can keep your project on timeline.

Our system can capture all data relating to engineering, transportation, utility, material, blueprints and more. By managing all of your data within one system, you will have easy access to your information. This app enables you to manage all varieties of construction projects, such as Residential, Commercial, Infra-structures, Apartments, Industrial plants and more.

History behind ZAAR

The directors of ZAAR have worked in the construction field since the 1980’s, working both in material supplies and residential development. Being builders at heart with their backgrounds in construction, they were driven to develop a software solution for the challenges faced in connecting the field and office teams. In 2006, they started the technology company TechzarInfo, which offers technology solutions on various platforms, and is the parent company of ZAAR. From 2010-2013 the directors gathered information on the day-to-day work flow of both field and office teams to ensure that ZAAR would be a comprehensive system able to meet all construction project management needs.

The ZAAR construction cloud application system is the software solution to solve the project management challenges in the construction field.This powerful app enables construction firms to be their most efficient, resourceful, dynamic and cost effective, promoting company growth.