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Spirit Level

This is an incredibly useful tool for all the field workers, requiring app in their Android device. Our Spirit Level efforts mimic the real level meter to exhibit data as an exact real level meter would. It is the ultimate tool to check whether your surface is horizontal, vertical or not.

  • Spirit level is accurate and simple to use.
  • This can be used for construction and carpentry.

Spirit Level

Our spirit level tool is helpful at the time of Inspection. It allows you to check and ensure perfect accuracy. This feature is very handy and user friendly for carpenters, bricklayers, stone masons and other building trades workers, surveyors and etc. This can be used by workers and inspectors.


Calculator makes your job easier as a valuable feature in the construction management app, especially for field work calculations.

  • Enables you to resolve construction related calculations easily.
  • Several calculations for distinct materials can be calculated effortlessly in few steps.
  • It helps calculating the challenges regarding paint, concrete, tile and bricks, etc.


Our calculator operates in metric as well as English units.

  • Enables you to perform simple and complex operations.
  • Estimate areas along with the volumes easily.

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