Manage all your activity with simple management software

Project Monitor

Proper construction management needs superior project monitoring, that is why our software lets users track, assign, report and monitor all project activities throughout from inception to completion of a project.

  • Enables users to allocate workers, teams and due dates.
  • Retains your information and status achieved in the Punch List Tool.
  • Allows you to recognize related items such as RFIs, modification orders, plus punch list items related with your Monitoring.
  • Monitor accomplishments and utilize real time history of every activity.

Project Monitor

Track real time activities from field work from wherever you are. You can even attach a detailed monitoring plan for future reference. Our project management software spontaneously monitors due dates and notifies you accordingly in order to avoid gaps in the project.

  • All monitoring tracking can be restructured into a particular listing and you can also filter them by type.
  • You can categorize and track a multitude of issues in real time.
  • You can track, identify and monitor multiple types of construction projects efficiently.

Supplier Management

Supplier management enables management and scheduling through an easy drag and drop tool. Users can view all resources from one place.

  • Whatever changes made to the supplier schedule are in real time and user can print supply info to simply get the location of equipment and duration of employee tasks.
  • User can effortlessly assign resources based upon the employee skill level and equipment availability, in addition to overall project requirements.

Supplier Management

Our Construction Management App provides the best supplier services support by extraordinary accountability as well as awareness through the utilities space. It can even carry customer data into new fields to improve the efficacy of inspection crews and offer customers a means to field-check existing data.

  • Easily notify suppliers such as labor, equipment, materials and more.
  • Decrease lost productivity and increase efficiency.

Expense Management

Simply track committed and non-committed costs for the project management supervisor/team. Track cost management information to users from the remote locations. Furthermore, update, modify and analyze the project expenses efficiently.

  • Allows setting of maximum limit for the project budget so when the expense goes beyond, you will be get notified.
  • Save the everyday expenses and accounts to resources.
  • Manage your expense of each projects and its supplied information.

Expense Management

Our software helps you to avoid going over budget. There’s even an alarm setting. No more need to call the accounting team to investigate whether a particular cost will compromise the budget.

  • It delivers the ideal payment applications to permit all necessary backup for the system
  • Eliminating budgeting overages and concerns allows you to offer more fiscal confidence for the job, benefiting you and your clients.

Inventory Management

Inventory management works as the data archive from which decisions regarding budgeting, maintenance, and reconstruction planning is derived. It is far more than just managing and maintaining inventory. With the help of having the real time decision of the inventory administration you can avoid the unexpected disputes thus that potential effects to the field construction could be directly addressed.

  • Track your material inventory on daily basis.
  • Update and report all the inventory levels like available materials such as cement, tiles, paint and lot more.
  • Monitor daily usage and availability of each material.
  • Manage inventory material suppliers and their supplied material on each project.

Easy to Manage Inventory

With the help of inventory management you will be able to sort, itemize them in separate categories its allows you to easily manage the inventory value and level.

  • You can get notified when the inventory is high and low. Also check balances of inventory kept in the warehouse.
  • Real-time synchronization and information sharing, seamless, multi-crosswise communication among office as well as field teams.

Weather Monitor

Automatically track weather conditions. Construction management software originates the daily log through spontaneously logging as well as archiving the daily weather condition for the particular job site. All the weather monitoring data could be enhanced by way of manual input at the occurrence that site-specific environments do not accurately counterpart the weather feed.

  • Plan your work based on weather condition
  • Keep updated your site condition
  • Avoid sudden impact of the nature and be smart

Weather Monitor

You can instantly log and track the daily weather status to plan your works.

  • Change the work plan spontaneously according to the daily log depending upon the weather condition.
  • Get notified about the weather conditions on various projects at various locations.
  • Enables you to monitor multiple weather conditions on multiple sites.

Backup Manager

Our Construction app makes your work easier and secure from loss or compromise - you can simply explore your data in a secure manner, automatically backed up and restored when necessary.

This interface allows you to date and archive information efficiently.

  • Saved data can be simply generated into PDF or excel format in few steps
  • Maintain and manage the detailed records of the project
  • Save data for future reference in very secure method

Backup Manager

Our construction management software offers you the properly formatted readily available. You can access the Backup from any Smart phone anywhere and at any time. Real time team progress in addition to the project progress can be viewed.

  • Instantly take your Backup wherever you are. Furthermore, you can export in any formats - XLS, PDF and more.
  • Safe and Secure Storage – collected data stored in ZAAR construction management software is safe and secure in the cloud.
  • You can back up the various types of reports at the same time

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